Cube Mould
Cube Moulds are used for testing of tempered cement concrete. Their testing confirms the required strength of concrete, needed in the particular applications. Shapes and structures are provided to the concrete slabs.
Survey Instrument
Provided Survey Instruments are utilized for executing the meteorological, dynamic penetration and other types of tests. These are appreciable for their effective processes and rapid results. Many labs and weather stations need these functional instruments.
Civil Lab Equipment
Provided Civil Lab Equipments are the indispensable demands of civil industry. These are suited for analyzing the concrete, asphalt, soil, cement, aggregates, bitumen and other materials. Quality and working capacity of many construction physicals can be determined with these.
Bitumen Asphalt Testing Equipment
Bitumen Asphalt Testing Equipments are necessary for conducting several types of penetration tests. These ensure the good quality bitumen for the function of grading. Testing of tar, wax, asphalt, polish, grease, and pharmaceutical items can also be done.
Laboratory Testing Equipment
Quality and quantity assessment of different physicals can be attained with our superior quality Laboratory Testing Equipments. These are needed for the processing done in labs as they deliver precise results in less time.
Measuring Equipment
Provided Measuring Equipments are the extremely functional industrial & scientific instruments, which ensure speed & efficacy in many aspects. Their precision & pace allow them to work incessantly in many sectors.
Construction Machinery
The range of Construction Machinery is here to simplify the flooded work of construction and provides optimal working efficiency in different aspects. Their use ensures accuracy and efficiency in many construction projects.
Abrasion Testing Machine
Provided Abrasion Testing Machines are useful for determining the resistance against wear & abrasion. These ensure simple usages and work efficiently with the assistance of electronic controls.
Test Rig Machine
Test Rig Machines are the metallic machines of high productivity and accurate results. These ensure efficient functioning and boast of smooth operation, extended durability and speedy performance.
Laboratory Planetary Mixer
Laboratory Planetary Mixers are needed for the readying of plastic mortar, included with cement & pozzolanic materials. These blenders are helpful for making assorted types of test specimens, used in the labs.
Auto Level
Auto Level contains an internal compensator device that adjusts the line of sight automatically. The auto level has a higher measurement precision. It's used with a vertical staff in surveying and construction to measure height differences and transfer, measure, and set heights. 
Cube Testing Machine
Cube testing machines allow for reliable as well as consistent operation. They are the outstanding machines of novel technology. The machines are appreciable for their advanced technical properties. 

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